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Scalable, Customized Training for Today’s Workforce

An intuitive platform that enables high-impact onboarding and upskilling for teams of all shapes and sizes.

Amanda Pittman Caliber Patient Care

Northpass helped us scale our in-person training.
"By making training information more accessible, new team members are able to get acclimated more quickly, and seasoned employees can engage in refresher materials when they need it. As a whole, our training process has become a lot faster, with fewer errors overall."

Easy for Learners,
Easy for Leaders

We make it easy for learners and stakeholders alike to get the resources they need to drive business success.

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Do More With Less

Reduce the cost of training with an LMS solution that works for your budget.

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Track the Impact of Your Training

Gain actionable insights that help you optimize your program and get more from your LMS.

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You're in Good Company
Chance House
Head of Technician Growth at Puls
Prior to Northpass, our onboarding process took around 14 days on average. Since implementing Northpass, we have been able to reduce our onboarding time to less than 2 days.
Ramon Castillo
Operations Analyst of Global Operations at Cabify
Thanks to the ease and scalability of the Northpass platform, a team of two people are now able to activate over 300 drivers per week.
Nicole Kitzman
Director of Recruiting and Community at BabyQuip
Since using Northpass, we’ve been able to improve onboarding time by 30% by giving our Quality Providers training content when and where they need it.

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