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Powerful Learning Technology to Fuel Growth

Scale your program worldwide without worrying about operational hiccups. We offer a solid and secure technical foundation to support you every step of the way.

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Train Learners Around the World

Multi-language support

Northpass is translated into the world’s most popular languages, making it easy for you to provide online courses to your global customers, partners and workforce.

Global infrastructure

Leverage our cloud-based infrastructure and global content-delivery network to get your content from New York to Sydney efficiently.


Cloud Infrastructure, Built for Scale

No installation required

Sign up for Northpass, and start building your school and inviting learners right away—no tedious installation process required.

Cloud hosting

Scale your learner base from zero to hundreds of thousands without having to worry about operational issues. We handle all security, backups, storage and performance on our enterprise cloud service.


Updates That Happen in Real-Time

Seamless product updates

Automatically gain access to new features and product updates without having to install updates, experience downtime or migrate versions. We handle the entire process for you.

Easy content updates

Information moves quickly and changes constantly. We enable you to make real-time changes to your course content to ensure your learners always receive up-to-date training materials.

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