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Meaningful Data for Tracking Engagement and Training Success

From high-level charts to detailed data points, we give you all the metrics you need to monitor and optimize your training program.

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Data That Gives You the Full Picture


Use the charts in Northpass’ analytics dashboard to gain insight into trends around enrollments and learner activity.

Data points

Determine your school’s engagement levels over time by viewing high-level data points based on specified date ranges.


Never Miss a Single Detail

Learner data

Drill down into every learner’s course progress. Find information on everything from the last time a learner accessed the course, to how far they’ve progressed.

Quiz reporting

Determine your learner’s content mastery by accessing quiz data. View quiz progress, scores and answers submitted by your learners.


Third-Party Analytics


Wistia video analytics

Discover how learners interact with your videos with data on play rates, percentage watched and level of engagement in different parts of a video.

Google Analytics

Use Northpass’ integration with Google Analytics to access learner traffic data and gain an understanding of how learners navigate through your courses.


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