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Integrate with Your Technology Stack

Northpass offers integrations with the most popular SaaS products and a flexible API to enable you to connect our software to your systems.

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Dynamic Integrations and Add-ons


Integration Partners

Salesforce, OpenID Connect, Google Apps Directory and more.


Apps built by Northpass such as private discussions and Milestones for guided, gated progression through your training.

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Optimize Engagement with Communication Integrations

Instructor-Led Training

Enrich your courses by incorporating online and in-person instructor-led events that personalize the online learning experience and makes learners feel connected to the content.


Send targeted, contextual emails to learners based on actions they take within your courses to keep them interacting with your content.


Streamline Access with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamless course access

Using existing user accounts from your systems, enable learners to easily access your online courses without having to sign in to another platform.

Automate enrollment

SSO eliminates the need to enroll learners manually. Once set up, you can rest assured learners will always receive access to the content they need.


Powerful API and Webhooks


Enable communication between your systems and Northpass to automate workflows.


Streamline training operations by sending triggered events that enable your systems to take action based on learner interactions.

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