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Reach Users Anytime, Anywhere

Whether your team and learners are in the same building or across the globe, Northpass offers the tools needed to engage and manage your people.

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Delegate Tasks to Team Members

Roles and permissions

Provide administrative access to team members and have full control of permissions such as their ability to edit content, view analytics and send course enrollment emails.


Create groups of courses that are accessible to designated learners. Then assign administrators and managers to oversee and manage the group.

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Full Control of Course Access

Grant access

Securely provide course access to a specific group of learners by pre-registering them to courses that are most relevant to them.

Open access

Make it easy for people to access your content by having them enter just a few pieces of information before entering a course.


Meet Learners Where They Are

Email and text messages

Simplify course access by using share links that can be sent in emails, chat or even in text messages.

Website and apps

Remove the barrier to entry with online training by embedding course access links on your website, in-app or within tools your team uses everyday.


Drive Engagement with Course Reminders


Send reminder emails

Trigger emails in Northpass to inform learners of new courses and “nudge” learners from inactive to engaged.

Email management

Enjoy full control of communication emails by customizing the email sender address, copy, font and more. Then track the delivery status of all emails from Northpass.


Manage Multiple Training Initiatives

Multiple instances

From customer education to employee training, create an online school for all of your training initiatives and easily switch between and manage schools.

Manage worldwide teams

Whether your company has 1 location or 500, there is no limit to how far your training program can travel. We give you the ability to easily build new initiatives and add team members worldwide.

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