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Online Course Creation – Simplified

Easily develop courses using our drag-and-drop interface without any eLearning expertise.

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Structure Courses with Ease

Course outline

Northpass' course builder makes it easy to develop a topical course outline by creating sections and activities that can be transformed into a course.


Our drag-and-drop interface simplifies the process of creating, organizing and managing learning activities.


All-in-One Course Creation

In-app authoring

Create content from scratch with our rich text editor by adding text, images, charts and more. Format the content with ease and make real-time updates at any point.

Upload assets

Whether you want to leverage PowerPoint presentations, documents, videos, audio or SCORM packages, creating learning activities from these assets is just a quick upload away.


Conduct and Manage Live Training

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)

Use your own web conferencing tools within Northpass to deliver synchronous online training sessions and create a more personal learning experience.

Instructor-led training (ILT)

Manage in-person sessions by streamlining the process of enrolling participants, sending email reminders and tracking attendance.


Enable Social Learning Tools

Discussion boards

Enable discussion boards for specific learning activities and learner groups to encourage active discussions on specific course topics.

Course-wide forums

Create a community of shared ideas, expertise and peer-to-peer collaboration by enabling a general forum for all learners in a course.


Scalable Content Management

Bulk uploads

Quickly upload an entire library of content assets in just one click. Then use the assets to create learning activities in any course.

Manage files

Easily swap and replace files each time a content asset is updated and manage all assets in a centralized media library.


Collect Feedback and Deliver Assessments



Determine the success of your courses by creating assignments, delivering quizzes or collecting feedback—all using Northpass’ assessment tools.

Learning tracks

Equip your learners for success by creating a “learning track” of courses. Set achievable learning milestones and certificates, and track learner progress.

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