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On-Demand Companies are Changing the Way We Train

Learn how on-demand companies are pioneering a new model of training

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Training for the provider side of the on-demand economy is opening up a new frontier in elearning, and companies like Airbnb, Uber and Lyft are the pioneers. In this ebook, you’ll learn all about:
  • Key characteristics of the current on-demand landscape
  • Importance of the brand experience
  • How on-demand companies compete for providers
  • Why on-demand training is so powerful

Take a sneak peak into the ebook

Take a sneak peak into the ebook

  • Chapter 1: The On-Demand Landscape
  • Chapter 2: Partners in Branding, Partners in Success
  • Chapter 3: Provider Focused Means Results Focused
  • Chapter 4: Winning the Competition for Providers
  • Chapter 5: On-Demand Training for an On-Demand Workforce
  • Chapter 6: Contextual and Relevant Training
  • Chapter 7: The Communal Learning Experience
  • Chapter 8: Motivating and Inspiring with Training
  • Chapter 9: How a Learning Platform Makes It All Happen