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eBook: The LMS
and CRM Relationship

Create better business outcomes for you and your customers by bringing your LMS and CRM together.

The value of customer education is clear. And now, it’s a key pillar of business strategy. Integrating your LMS and CRM can positively impact all stages along the customer journey, from pre-sales to post-sales and everything in between.

In this eBook you learn:

  • Ways LMS+CRM will help your internal teams win
  • How integrating LMS+CRM gives customers and prospects a better learning experience
  • Power moves to level up your business with learning data and customer data working together

Powering Learning for Today's Fastest-Growing Companies


“At SPS, everything we do must bring value to our customers. We use Northpass to develop a more personalized onboarding experience for every customer that is easy to access and delivers the information and insight they need.”

-Karin Lukas Chief Customer Success Officer at SPS