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Kickstart your customer education program today

Download our 5-point checklist and find a better way to onboard new customers and keep users up-to-date.

Launch and scale a customer education program that works.

As companies produce increasingly complex products that require robust onboarding efforts, traditional training methods (such as webinars or 1:1 training sessions) tend to fall short. When things like increasing product adoption and reducing support costs become your top priorities, you need to embrace customer education as a strategic enabler for your business.

Download this eBook to:

  • Understand the costs and tradeoffs of a customer education program
  • Determine your program scope and implementation strategy
  • Establish clear success metrics
  • Form your team, define roles, and set a realistic timeline
  • Choose a training software partner
Chris Williams
Partner Accelerator at Shopify
What truly sets Northpass apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem.