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HackerRank Eliminates 1:1 Customer Training with Northpass & ChurnZero

Use Case
Customer Onboarding
Number of Learners
Academy Launch

HackerRank is a technology hiring platform that helps companies hire skilled developers and innovate faster. They enable tech recruiters and hiring managers to objectively evaluate talent at every stage of the recruiting process.


Increased Account Coverage

by 4x


1:1 Customer Training



Standardized Training Across

3,000+ Customers

The Challenge

HackerRank’s product is powerful but requires training before customers can unlock its full potential. Historically, HackerRank's customer success managers (CSMs) spent hundreds of hours manually training customers, including every new user to the platform.

In some instances, CSMs were responsible for up to 500 accounts, leaving little time for strategic initiatives and relationship building. Its support team was also flooded with tickets from customers who were unaware of existing resources that could answer their questions. 

The customer success (CS) team’s 1:1 training sessions worked but drained resources and prevented CSMs from devoting time to revenue- and retention-generating functions, like success planning, QBRs, and strategic conversations. 

HackerRank also needed help tracking training engagement and impact, which isn't possible with traditional formats. 

HackerRank needed a way to manage a scaling customer base without increasing headcount. This was when they turned to Northpass and ChurnZero

The Solution

HackerRank partnered with Northpass to launch HackerRank Academy to accelerate onboarding and offload manual training responsibilities from CSMs. 

HackerRank worked with Northpass’ implementation and solutions engineering team to customize the learner experience and configure Northpass to automate manual tasks that were once the responsibility of CSMs.

HackerRank then activated the Northpass-ChurnZero integration, allowing CSMs to use learning activity as a sign of customer health. CSMs could also use the learning data to automate outreach based on course progress and involve customers in their success with dashboards and reporting. 

"It was easy to sell customer training to our leadership team. We told them it’s free up our CSMs to do more with less, so we wouldn’t have to hire quite as many. In a down economy, that was music to their ears."
Alaina Loori
VP, Global Customer Success

HackerRank’s 6-step Playbook

1. Set Goals and Get Leadership Buy-In

Once the executive team understood the strain on CSMs to get new customers up to speed, getting leadership buy-in was simple. Manual onboarding was time-consuming and impossible to scale, preventing CSMs from focusing on strategic initiatives that increase customer lifetime value (CLTV).

HackerRank's Goals: 

  • Scale its CS operation by offloading CSM responsibilities so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Standardize training to ensure all customers receive the same onboarding experience. 

  • Find the right learning management system (LMS)

2. Find the Right Learning Management System (LMS)

When looking for an LMS, HackerRank prioritized a clean design to ensure it could create a seamless learning experience across brand touchpoints, including its product and websites. 

Tracking was also important for its CS operations team so they could understand the content’s impact and how the program influenced customer health scores. 

 Northpass Features and Capabilities: 

  • ChurnZero Integration

  • Automation 

  • Reporting and Analytics

3. Launch a Minimum Viable Academy (MVA)

HackerRank launched a minimum viable “academy” (MVA) with two courses.  

While HackerRank Academy started small, it proved valuable immediately by removing the need for CSM-led training and freeing up those team members to focus on retention and expansion. 

The time-saving and efficiency gains also allowed CSMs to do more with less. As a result, HackerRank didn’t need to hire CSMs and implementation managers to keep up with its growing customer base. 


Connect Northpass with ChurnZero

HackerRank uses ChurnZero to measure customer health in real time and wanted to incorporate learning data—via Northpass—into dashboards, workflows, and reporting. 

The team used learning activities such as course enrollment, quiz scores, and learning path progress as a signal of customer health, which helped increase product adoption and reduce churn.

"The HackerRank Academy helps our existing CSMs provide personalized support to more accounts, which has essentially eliminated my need to increase headcount."
Alaina Loori
VP, Global Customer Success

5. Drive Academy Engagement

Once the HackerRank Academy was live, the team needed to communicate the launch and encourage customers to log in. This initially came via in-app messages that included links to the academy. 

HackerRank continues to seek new ways to engage its customers, including ChurnZero’s in-app messages, which will allow it to suggest training based on previous courses and product usage, as well as congratulatory messages for course completion.

6. Iterate and Improve

Since launching the HackerRank Academy, the CS operations team has added more onboarding courses and learning paths to provide additional value.

Now that HackerRank has proven the academy’s value, the focus has turned to providing value throughout the customer lifecycle, starting with training existing customers on product launches.

Once these courses are built, HackerRank plans to integrate Northpass’s data into its customer health program in ChurnZero to improve forecasting and predict potential churn.

"All new customers go through academy training during the onboarding process. As a result, we’re no longer spending time on 1:1 training, which has created more efficiency for the team."
Alaina Loori
VP, Global Customer Success

The Results

Since launching the HackerRank Academy with Northpass and integrating the data into ChurnZero, the team has realized several benefits:

  • More Bandwidth and Customer Coverage

    By automating parts of CSM’s workload and eliminating 1:1 training, HackerRank’s CS team increased account coverage by 4x. 

  • Standardized Training

    HackerRanker centralized its training program, allowing it to standardize training and ensure CSMs delivered the same onboarding experience. 
  • Faster Onboarding

    By offloading mundane and repetitive tasks from the CSMs day-to-day and enabling customers to learn with an on-demand academy, HackerRank is improving customer time-to-first-value (TTFV). 

  • Measurable Training

    Before Northpass, HackerRank used YouTube videos and webinars to augment 1:1 training, which it couldn’t measure. With Northpass, the team can dive into customer-level insights to understand learning activities and have strategic conversations. 

  • Better Customer Insights

    By bringing learning data into ChurnZero, HackerRank CSMs detect potential red flags to a customer’s training success and mitigate churn risk. 

  • Increased Customer Accountability

    HackerRank uses ChurnZero to share account and user training progress reports so customers can understand where they stand against their goals and the actions they need to take. 
"Northpass has freed our CSM teams up to focus on more strategic initiatives such as QBRs, success planning, and diving into advanced features."
Alaina Loori
VP, Global Customer Success