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Brand and Deliver Your Contractor Resources Effortlessly

Northpass’ cloud-based LMS helps you scale your contractor education initiative as your worker base grows, by giving you the tools to deliver engaging resources online.

From building fully branded contractor education modules to analyzing success metrics, Northpass provides an intuitive, all-in-one solution for businesses to enable contractor success, maintain brand trust and increase consumer satisfaction.


Optimize Contractor Onboarding Processes

Make it easy for your team to deliver content to your contracted workers with Northpass’ user-friendly LMS. Create content, deliver educational resources and track engagement, all within a single platform.

Customize with Your Branding, End to End

Tailor every step of your contractor education flow by leveraging Northpass’ styling tools and CSS editor. Additionally, our single sign-on (SSO) integrations allow your users to access resources using their existing login accounts.

Manage Operations with Ease

Simplify your operational procedures, and make it easier for contracted workers to maximize productivity, deliver quality services and adhere to brand standards with Northpass’ all-in-one solution.

On-Demand Consumer Services Turo

Turo leverages Northpass to train new operations hires, both in-house and at outsourced locations. With a fast-growing domestic and international team, they needed a scalable solution for delivering and managing training.

"Before Northpass, our training was unscripted, unplanned and unsustainable. Since implementation, we’ve been able to scale our team 4x. This type of growth would have been absolutely impossible without a tool like Northpass."

–Debra Swinson, Training Specialist
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Make Course Accessibility a Breeze

Our goal is to ensure your learners can access content and navigate through courses with as few clicks as possible. Northpass’ modern interface is beautifully designed and makes navigation comprehensible for users of all technical levels.


Align Engagement Metrics with Business Goals

Improve core processes by using data to correlate online learning metrics with business goals. Access analytics in real time, pull data into Salesforce or export reports and provide them to stakeholders in your company.

Scale Your Contractor Education Initiative

Build a contractor education program that scales with your growing community. Leverage Northpass’ intuitive tools to efficiently create and maintain content and manage your network of workers with ease.

On-Demand Consumer Services Babierge

Babierge has Trusted Partners around the country who leverage their platform to launch entrepreneurial careers by renting baby equipment in local markets. They needed to onboard their partners in a manner that was engaging, trackable and scalable.

"We have a two-step application process that’s gone from taking our partners two weeks to complete to three days on Northpass. As a result, our team is spending 75% less time on support. This has allowed us to focus more on recruiting new partners—something that’s central to developing the business."

–Adam Heymann, Marketing Manager
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Drive Provider Success Across Platforms

Leverage our API and webhooks to seamlessly connect your systems with Northpass and make it easy for workers to access content when and where they need it.

Fountain Integration

Northpass and Fountain unite to streamline every stage of your onboarding workflow.

  • Fountain

    Track workers throughout your funnel, and ensure they receive the right content at the right time.

    Fountain Details
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Track workers throughout your funnel, and ensure they receive the right content at the right time.

Key Features

  • Associate labels in Fountain with specific courses in SchoolKeep.
  • Automate course enrollment when learners reach a specific stage in Fountain.
  • Mark labels as complete dynamically when learners finish the associated course in SchoolKeep.


You’ll need an Fountain account to use this integration. Visit https://fountain.com for more information.


Fountain is an onboarding software that allows companies to build and manage their network of workers. Our integration makes it easy for companies who use Fountain to seamlessly connect their account with SchoolKeep. It automates workflows between Fountain and SchoolKeep by eliminating the need for manual processes such as providing course access to users and aligning completion data with Position progress data.


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