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Streamline Channel Partner Enablement Training

Northpass’ cloud-based LMS enables companies to create and distribute online training content to their channel partners. We give channel development teams the tools to easily launch branded training centers that learners can access at any time, create courses that work on any device, and closely track learner progress.

Our customers are empowering their partners with product and compliance training, tracking the return on training investments and scaling partner program efforts cost-effectively.


Streamline the Vendor Onboarding Process

Onboard new channel partners quickly and easily. A seamless vendor onboarding process that provides partners with flexible online training is critical in creating a successful partner program.

Track the Return on Your Training Investment

It is challenging to quantify the effectiveness of traditional training methods in partner programs (e.g., instructor-led training, webinars and phone-based support). With Northpass’ analytics tracking, you can tie training metrics directly to financial KPIs.

Deliver Compliance Training to Channel Partners

Without guidance, channel partners may not perform at the optimal level. Use Northpass to streamline partner training—you’ll reduce risk and increase compliance by creating highly knowledgeable channel partners.

Software-as-a-Service Babierge

Babierge has Trusted Partners around the country who leverage their platform to launch entrepreneurial careers by renting baby equipment in local markets. They needed to onboard their partners in a manner that was engaging, trackable and scalable.

"We have a two-step application process that’s gone from taking our partners two weeks to complete to three days on Northpass. As a result, our team is spending 75% less time on support. This has allowed us to focus more on recruiting new partners—something that’s central to developing the business."

–Adam Heymann, Marketing Manager
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Foster Retention and Knowledge Transfer

Use Northpass to deliver interactive content that keeps learners engaged and helps them retain information. When partner associates are knowledgeable, the result is increased productivity, compliance and, ultimately, revenue.


Incentivize Training with Certification Programs

To maximize efficiency, partners must be equipped with relevant information and actionable strategies. Northpass lets you create specialized learning paths and certifications to motivate partners taking online courses.

Scale Training Programs to Thousands of Associates

Whether you’re looking to improve your vendor onboarding process or deliver supplier development training courses, Northpass can help make your training efforts scalable. Our all-in-one solution lets you offer training to thousands of partner associates around the world.

e-Commerce Software-as-a-Service Shopify

Shopify sought to deliver world-class learning experiences to their partners. They found in Northpass a team that’s committed to their product and to their mission to make online learning better for everyone.

"Northpass provides all of the robust front-end customization and options you would expect from a modern SaaS platform. What truly sets their LMS apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem.”

–Chris Williams, Partner Accelerator

Reduce Costs by Optimizing Your Partner Program

Adopt training automation with Northpass, and run your partner program at a fraction of the cost. Partner associates benefit from receiving training when and where they need it, all while you’re cutting costs.

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