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Building Effective Customer Education Programs

How can companies use online learning to augment customer training and get better results from their efforts? Download this eBook to learn how you can build a customer education program that works for your business.

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Customer expectations are evolving. Are you keeping up?

With customer expectations at an all-time high, traditional training methods (online support centers, webinars, 1-on-1 consulting) just can't cut it. 

Luckily, there is a better way to onboard new customers and keep users up-to-date. This eBook outlines four traditional training methods that companies use today, then presents ways to supplement them with online courses to create results-oriented training programs that work.

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In this eBook, you'll learn how to:

  • Turn one-on-one customer training into a profit center
  • Make in-person training seminars more effective via blended learning
  • Use webinars as unique ‘drill-down’ sessions to supplement training
  • Repurpose customer support content within a learning platform
  • Get started with online training, and more

What truly sets Northpass apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem.

Chris Williams
Partner Accelerator at Shopify