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Big results, easy to use

Northpass is enterprise learning software for modern teams - built for ease and flexibility. Our platform provides a better way to train employees, customers, and partners on important work knowledge.

Create. Launch. Optimize.

  • Transform essential knowledge into engaging courses

  • Deliver your content when and where it’s needed

  • Optimize your program using actionable analytics

  • Partner with a dedicated customer success manager


Forward-thinking companies trust Northpass

From Fortune 500 corporations to fast-growing startups, the world’s top brands use Northpass to train employees, customers, and partners.

  • ""Northpass provides all of the robust front-end customization and options you would expect from a modern SaaS platform. What truly sets their LMS apart, is the incredibly talented team working behind it. The Northpass team has been a huge contributor to our success with training our partners and building out our ecosystem.""

    Chris Williams

    Partner Accelerator
  • "We have a two-step application process that’s gone from taking our partners two weeks to complete to three days on SchoolKeep. As a result, our team is spending 75% less time on support. This has allowed us to focus more on recruiting new partners—something that’s central to developing the business."

    Aislinn Malszecki

    Senior Associate
  • "As a next-generation LMS, Northpass has equipped us with the necessary technology to train and engage with our customers in a meaningful way. As a result, we were able to advance our customer relationships and improve the way we interact with them."

    Beth Jacob

    Chief Customer Success Officer

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